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How Regolink was born


"Someone knows where the placements are published ??"

During a regularity rally one often asks for help, wondering where to find online rankings or the subscription form or the next rally event programme to participate to.

It’s time to put everything into due order!!

Regolink, an absolute novelty for the regularity rally world, was created with the purpose of giving to its fans access to all information related to racings, links to the official event sites, to the main European championship rankings and trophies and the latest national Federation news.

The programmed events are increasing and they are sometimes excluded from main broadcasting channels. Regolink, created thanks to the commitment of some fans, has the exact purpose of putting into order and spreading out ALL racings, from the “Club” small competition to the main international and glamorous challenges. Regolink constitutes a milestone, a sort of “road book” to untangle a way through this fantastic discipline named after “regularity racing”. Here all fans will certainly find “the right direction”, with all hints to achieve the final destination: links to the competitions, to the programmes, to the registered contestants, the rankings, etc. of all planned competitions. Thanks to Twitter all comments are available in real time.


The ideal Forum

Both a blessing and a curse for each discipline the discussion Forum couldn’t be missing, a spot where to find hints, latest news and fans mood.

Even under this aspect Regolink couldn’t miss its target of gathering links. By clicking on it you are forwarded to the main meeting point of the racings, the ideal hot spot for the fans: the regularity rally reference point for all regularity aficionados.



The most updated blog.

Even under this point of view Regolink offers the most up-date- online blog on the market.



Everybody’s help

Regolink is not like any other site dealing with regularity racings, but it’s an outstanding tool at the service of its fans and promoters and fostered by them. Thanks to everybody’s feedback it can enlist an elevated number of events, increasing all available information and participation of regularity fans.

Have fun to browse.


The Regolink’s staff



Discovering Regolink


All links close at hand, an intuitive system that allows you to spot right away all indispensable information, for those who are fond of regularity rallies and vintage cars.


Regolink structure is well displayed through the navigation bar, located at the bottom of the screen.




How it works






Press news





Next events grid

In Regolink homepage there is the Next events grid. Here all events are listed 10 days in advance and are deleted 4 days after termination. For each event plenty of information is



Each event information

In the space dedicated to each event following information is available:

Kind of event

Event logo

ENTRY list





Above the event logo there is a label which indicates the type of regularity rally and the possible validity for a championship or a trophy. Clicking on the event logo you are redirected to the event official site.

Other items are either active (in white) or inactive (in grey) according to the connection status.

When the ENTRY LIST will be published on the event official site, the link will be active and by clicking on it the registered members are visible.

The same will happen to the RANKING section, which will display the real time placements or the final results page.

In the PHOTO section will direct you to the space dedicated to the pictures of the event official site (if existing) and/or multimedia tools available on the net provided by third parties.

In the chapter “Organizers, staff and Regolink “ there is explanation on how to create a link onto a photo gallery.

Other events grid

In this part of the homepage all other events not related to the category “regularity rallies”, i.e. fairs, tenders, conventions, meetings, etc. are indicated.

By clicking on the event logo you are redirected to the event site.




Here Regolink’s objectives are explained and this document can be downloaded.



All regularity rallies are listed in the calendar at season’s start, after publications of all other different federations timetable and is periodically updated thanks to organizers and contestants feedback. While on the Homepage all racings appear only 14 days, in the section CALENDAR they are displayed until season’s end, or better until the following calendar is issued.

For every event all information regarding date, name, validity, province (or state if it’s a foreign racing), link to the site and hash tag to follow Twitter, is shown and is explained in the chapter "Twitter and Regolink, always updated".



FIA e FIVA constitute the most important realities for rally followers as well as for regularity racings and it’s imperative to be always informed about the latest regulations. All related links will redirect you to the section containing the latest federation news.



Regolink could have chosen to have its own Q&A forum to allow all contestants, fans, and staff to share their opinion under all regularity perspectives. But Regolink opted instead to follow its mission of linking information hotspots, making all possible data resources available.



So did we for the section BLOG: Regolink is a starting point, not a blog, not a forum, but a site which indicates to visitors all best online regularity resources

"Idee che viaggiano" constitute the most updated blog on regularity rallies and vintage cars. The latest news, in depth analysis, and considerations on this world are here accessible.



This is a space dedicated to press releases sent to organizers, car racing teams, clubs, federations, etc. Preparations for the next racing are in full swing…The racing team dinner is due… The Club obtained important rankings in the latest race… This is the right section. All news shall be sent to:



It’s the crowning moment for all the efforts made by regularity contestants: here again you will find all championships rankings links , ACISPORT Driver list, all ASI trophies and organizers challenges.



In this section you will not only find Regolink eMail, but also the form to fill in in order to register for a race not listed in the calendar, a new rally or a new event. It’s indispensable to inform Regolink about all new events, so that it can share such information with all aficionados and help them planning their participation.

Anyone can communicate the above to Regolink, a fan, an organizer, a staff member and it’s free.




Twitter e Regolink, always updated.


TWITTER , modern technology at the service of The Ladies of The Past.

If someone has not discovered yet the high potentialities of Twitter, than he/she is heartily recommended to do so.

Through @Regolink live coverage it will be possible to send comments, ranking updates, pictures of the racing tracks, and everything which is related to regularity events.

Regolink has automatically generated hashtag* which will identify racings through the year. Anyone could follow the online race within his/her TWEET just by entering the race identification. All users can in this way deliver information within Regolink special dedicated space, visible even to those who are not followers . Organizers in their press releases are both in charge of advertising the hashtag(#) used for the race within twitter and of publicizing the internet site.


A Twitter mini- guide for regularity fans

For all Twitter outsiders here a short overview of this social network and its main terms.

Only 140 characters can be typed in so to share with others users news, updates, moods.


Why choosing Twitter if I have already got Facebook?

Because it can update you in real-time on actual trends.

Often news is released as a tweet before it’s issued through press agencies.


Let’s discover Twitter home in its components.

Once registered here some specifications on "followers" and "following".



They are all those who want to have our messages and updates. They could communicate in a private way and, to do so they simply click on the appropriate symbol and pick up in the menue “direct messages”.



They are those whom we want to follow, i.e. users from whom we receive public messages. How do we chose the following? Mainly on taste, interest and actitude affinitiy.



They consitute all messages we publish, which are read by followers on our profile.


How to write a tweet?

First of all click on the pen symbol on the right. Then a window will open up, counting the characters you are typing. A tweet may even contain a picture, a video or other links (e.g. rally rankings)



(equivalent to #).It’s a fundamental symbol to optimize the usage of Twitter, since it indicates the subject of your speech


By placing it at the beginning of the chosen subject, e.g. #1000miglialive (N.B. please bear in mind to write the subject without leaving spaces if it’s a compound word) all those looking for such information will spot your tweet.

Let’s finish with an example: if I am participating to the race or following it on the road edge (or on the coach) the “Aosta-Gran Bernardo”, you only need to enter "#aostagsb" within the message and all online followers will see it right away: easy right? Follow us on @regolink! !!!


Organizers, photographers, staff and Regolink




Do not trust words of mouth

It’s fair to underline that Regolink was created to inform all participants as well as to help them in the participation planning, even and most of all to allow organizers to promote in a proper way their events. You can often read in technical magazines that the final event competition has often few contestants…but such events were nearly unknown to the aficionados!!!

Events are often promoted through word of mouth or mailing lists, though popular have still limits due to territoriality or club membership or racing teams. That’s why EVENT ORGANIZERS have to take advantage of Regolink potentiality

Check if on the page CALENDAR your own event appears. If not communicate it right away using the form on the page CONTACTS.


How is the event information managed?

As previously described if the event is already indicated on Regolink CALENDAR, the nit will automatically appear on the HOMEPAGE ten days before the event start and will be deleted four days after event’s termination

Information related to registered members, rankings and pictures will be obtainable when Regolink will be aware of their publication through the organizer’s site. Sometimes the picture section is not furnished to the link will be inactive.

Such enterings are all free.

That’s why it’s indispensable to indicate who will take care of the timing and related link!


As far as the LIVE STREAMING is concerned please see the chapter “Twitter and Regolink, always updated” to understand its potentialities and usage terms.


How can I promote my event?

It’s possible to anticipate your own event on the HOMEPAGE (so 10 days in advance by default) or to buy a banner. Indicate your needs to




Your event hasn’t got an internet site?

If the competition organized by you is not provided with an internet site, Regolink will offer you a section within its site.

A tiny web page with a racing logo will be created, with the possibility to publish its programme, times chart, registration form, contestants list and the rankings, so to promote at its best your event. Please contact us for all your requirements at




My pictures on Regolink.

Even photo agencies may have their space on Regolink.


Are you a professional photographer?

Have you made some photo shoots on the recently scheduled rally?

If you send them to , some pictures of the event they will then appear in the Regolink gallery. If the pictures are protected by publishing rights, and the photographer’s name has to be mentioned, please indicate such requirement to




The fans and Regolink


A community’s tool: a search engine or a social network?


It’s crystal clear now: Regolink is exactly what was missing the regularity rally world.


With a click you are able at last to find your way to the fascinating world of vintage cars, its racings, fairs, meetings or even a simple club dinner…

In order to make Regolink the best tool in this field it’s imperative not only to use it but to update it.


Any information regarding new events shall be immediately communicated, so that the whole community is aware of it.

It’s indispensable to post to twitter in real time, opening an account if don’t have one yet. It will be much more exciting participating to such events posting our comments, feelings, photos, videos inside the cockpit or from the road edge.


Are you a picture aficionado?


If beyond cars, photo shooting is your passion…then Regolink has some spare space only for you. Have you made some photo shootings of the recently scheduled event? If you send some of the pictures to , they will be published on the dedicated picture gallery. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, and the picture shall not be covered by publishing rights. On the pictures no indications regarding the photographer or the event shall appear. Regolink will publish them indicating your name.



Last but not least


......have fun and welcome to the Regolink community!!

Download Regolink's user guide