The Circuito delle Valli Piacentine, now in its 17th edition, is a classic regularity event for historic cars, stage of the Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship and stage of the National Historic Car Regularity Trophy, on the ACI Sport calendar.

The event will take place on the hills of Bobbio and is organised by the local association "BOBBIO AUTOSPORT A.s.d.". (already known as the organizer of "Bobbio - Penice 2018").

As usual the new route will be about 166 kilometres long and will cross the municipalities of Bobbio, Corte Brugnatella and Ferriere.

The 45 timed in-line trials will take place only on hilly roads and not on squares.

There will also be 2 Media Tests, of which a separate ranking will be drawn up.

Finally, in the last km of the route there will be a further 19 timed trials (in line and not on squares) which are part of the 2nd "K2S Trophy".

The race will propose a series of technically demanding tests, but suitable for each type of car.

Cars built before 1991 will be admitted, followed by modern cars as per ACI Sport Regulations.