28-30 March 2019

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Oppure diventa un inviato di Regolink scrivendo direttamante dal campo gara o dall'abitacolo...





The Milan-Sanremo was founded at the dawn of the last century by the intuition of a group of pioneering "gentlemen drivers" of the time who wanted to give the opportunity to the first wealthy fans to try what could then be called an arduous walk towards the sea ??and the spring colors of the Ligurian Riviera. It will however be at the dawn of the 30s that the competition will live its maximum splendor, before the forced suspension during the Second World War which, however, will not prevent it from regaining its former glory as early as 1948, thanks also to the increasingly numerous corollary audience that in those years followed the race.


Thanks to its virtually unchanged format over the years, the Milan-Sanremo becomes a reference point also for an ever-increasing number of foreign crews, also signaling for the conspicuous female participation that will even lead to the establishment of a special "Cup" of the Dames ". Completely interrupted in 1973, following the oil crisis, it will revisit the light in 2003 as a historical re-enactment able to attract collectors from all over the world and eager to try the famous streets that lead to the City of Flowers from the Lombard capital.