19-20 April 2019

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Oppure diventa un inviato di Regolink scrivendo direttamante dal campo gara o dall'abitacolo...


It was May 8 of 1906 when Count Ugo Gregorini Bingham and some friends, notable citizens, gathered at the Hunt Circle, gave life to the A.C. Bologna, which would have had, in via Barberia n. 32, its first seat, with garage, which was soon added to the "branch" outside Porta S. Felice.

The car, having been founded in 1890 by the works of Panhard and Levassor, had only a few years of life at the time, and its inclusion on the market gave it, considering the socio-economic context of the early twentieth century, the nature of luxury goods. This made the newborn A.C. an elite club, but already a year after its establishment could count the first twenty members!

It was clear that many and many others would follow that first twenty ...

Today, 106 years later, the car is an indispensable common good, and the role of the Automobile Club Bologna has grown with her, always setting new targets for representation and protection of drivers' needs and interests.