26-27 April 2019

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Oppure diventa un inviato di Regolink scrivendo direttamante dal campo gara o dall'abitacolo...



Already in 2018 the Valsugana Historic Rally had won the approval by acquiring three titles for the rally - Trophy A112 Abarth, T.R.Z. and the Michelin Historic Rally Cup - to which the fourth was added, for the Tre Regioni Trophy, in the sport regularity competition.

For the 2019 edition, the already prestigious poker becomes a "pokerissimo" thanks to the organizers of the Memory Fornaca who have entered the calendar for the first time, the race organized by the local Manghen Team in collaboration with the Bassano Team and Autoconsult Competition, the association which has been registering the double Trentino event since 2009.

In Borgo Valsugana, however, there is no cradle on its laurels and the organizational machine has long moved to organize everything, overcoming some difficulties that occurred as a result of the disaster caused by the exceptional wave of bad weather last October.

The formula will go to that of the previous editions with the checks in the afternoon of Friday, April 26 and the dispute of the six special stages all on Saturday 27, starting at 9 and arriving at 18 again on the Ponte Veneziano in the center of Borgo Valsugana.

Three special tests to be repeated, with the longest and definitely decisive for the classification, over 17 kilometers long; 82.46 timed ones on the 229 total of the race.

As tradition will be the A112 Abarth of the trophy starting first, challenging in the second round of the series dedicated to them; Valsugana will also be the opening proof of the T.R.Z. of the second zone and appointment number two both for the reconfirmed Michelin Historic Rally Cup, as for the Memory Fornaca organized for the eighth year by the Turin association "Amici di Nino", which for the first time lands in Trentino.

The fifth seal comes from the sport regularity race with the confirmation in the calendar of the Three Regions Trophy, now a fixed point for the practitioners of this discipline.

Five important validities that will bring to Borgo Valsugana many crews even from distant regions, as happened in particular last year, making a valuable contribution to the tourist activity of the area; in this regard it should be noted that the coincidence of Easter on the Sunday before and the holiday of April 25 that falls the day before the checks could offer an interesting opportunity to combine the rally with a family holiday.