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It will be held Sunday, September 25, starting from Via Marina, a reenactment of the competitions that took place at the turn of the second world war and saw triumphs Alfa Romeo


E 'was presented today at the headquarters of the Automobile Club Milano, the reenactment of the "Milan Circuit", the event revived by the Sports Committee of the Venetian course of 80 years after its first edition.


The characteristics, the cars and the drivers in contention were presented by the president of AC Milan, Ivan Capelli, the president of SIAS Autodromo Nazionale Monza and Sports Committee AC Milan, Pier Lorenzo Zanchi, and the component of the Sports Committee AC Milan and organizer of the event, Dino Nardiello.

On lot of participants, which will drive historic cars of the twenties, thirties and forties, he will be the president himself Hair who, along with AC Milan vice-president Marco Coldani, will conduct a 1924 Fiat 501 Sport.

The 2016 edition of "Milan Circuit", the first re-enactment, will take place Sunday, September 25 starting from Via Marina and retrace largely part of the paths that marked the three historical issues that took place in 1936, in 1937 and in 1946 (in passing near the Arena, the Arch of Peace and Castle).


It was June 28, 1936 when the streets of the city of Milan, namely the adjacent avenues and internal Sempione Park, passing the Arco della Pace, the Arena and the Castello Sforzesco, were the scene of two exciting races reserved for cars up to 1500 cc. And those over 1500. In the first prevailed Carlo Felice Trossi preceding Emilio Villoresi, both of Maserati, while in the second, where there was a grid with 12 cars, developed a great duel between the Alfa Romeo of Tazio Nuvolari and the 'Auto Union of Achille Varzi: won Mantovano Volante at an average of over 97 km / h.


The Circuit of Milan was repeated the following year (also in view of the enormous excitement generated among fans who made a full house), when imposed Eugenio Siena among the "small cars" and yet Tazio Nuvolari in an Alfa Romeo to the average of 103.6 km / h. Behind him two other Alfa cars, led by future first world champion of modern Formula 1, Giuseppe "Nino" Farina, and by the Swiss Hans Ruesch. One fourth of the German Auto Union Rudolf Hasse.


The third and last edition of the Milan Circuit took place after the second world war and conflict was held in 1946 on a renewed path. The race, which included two batteries and a final, still recorded the Alfa Romeo's dominance with three victories from Achille Varzi, Consalvo Sanesi and Carlo Felice Trossi. In the final race, in front of about 100,000 spectators, he recorded the highest average of the day: nearly 90 km / h.


Even the following year he ran on the streets of the city, in the Fiera district, but for the first Grand Prix of Italy after the war (the Autodromo di Monza was still unfit for use): for the record, among the 24 starters prevailed Carlo happy still Trossi with an Alfa car.


"For one day, thanks to this commemoration, we will dive all - I for one with a historic car of '24 - in the atmosphere of city races that were fundamental in the thirties in order to develop the technologies and to provide a showcase for the cars possible buyers, "said the president AC Milan, Ivan Capelli. "Everything was very different than today: heavy machines with big flying needed to steer, riders dressed in a very" casual ", spectators scattered along the track also with the limits of the trajectories in insecurity unthinkable today. An era of great drivers - Nuvolari, Varzi, Trossi, Farina, etc. - That the audience loved and followed with great passion and participation. "



"Among the objectives of the Commission Sportive AC Milan that we have reconstituted a year ago," he said its president Pier Lorenzo Zanchi, "There was high on the enhancement of AC Milan as the organizer of events and re-enactments of historical events. This circuit of Milan, for which I thank in particular Dino Nardiello for their efforts, is the first of a long series of initiatives that will offer fans sure to meet their appreciation. "