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The long wave of postponements and cancellations is now hitting the races scheduled for May.





Also the CIRCUITO FELICE NAZZARO, through a press release issued by the Historical Club Castrovillari and signed by the president Domenico Campilongo, has communicated that the organizational machine of the club of Potenza is forced to an abrupt stop.


The situation at national level and the spread of the Covid-19 virus worries everyone, even the most adventurous, reads the press release. At the base of every event organized by our Association there is an indispensable peculiarity in the success: safety. And in this historical moment, the organizational group, the association and the fans, failing precisely this principle, have neither the spirit nor the certainties to be able to better organize this event. The Felice Nazzaro Circuit will not be held in May as planned, it will be postponed to a later date.

Any information and any updates will be communicated on the official channels of the Historic Club Castrovillari.


The president of the Historic Club Castrovillari Domenico Campilongo embittered by this decision declares: “In such an important year for our Association we are forced to postpone this event to which we care so much to be destined, I invite all fans to stay at home and hope in a quick return to normal ... with our historic cars ".