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Biella hosted the penultimate round of the Italian Regularity 2018. The race, as usual, was developed over two days of competition and with the now usual high level of organization.

The sixth edition of the Valli Biellesi - Oasi Zegna Trophy, saw the start of 58 ready crews who challenged each other along the 318 kilometers of track that had been set by 98 special stages.

Nothing could stop the winning ride of the Bergamo-based Barcella-Ghidotti who, on board their 1963 Porsche 356 C Coupè, held an unbearable pace for the rest of the group.

The podium finishes two crews aboard Autobianchi A112: Zanasi - Pin of the Classic Team and, with 48 penalties of secondment, Boracco - Bossi absolute winners in Lumezzane.

In the Top Car the podium is occupied by the first two crews of the absolute classification and, in third position, by Rapisarda - Piga on the Fiat 124 Spider with the Scuderia Nettuno colors.


Scuderia Nettuno which also won the Teams standings.

The Bologna team stretches on the Classic Team, with the last race of the season that will be decisive for winning the second place in the championship.


In the women's classification, the crew of Scarioni - Vagliani on the Austin Mini Hle. Detachment of 110 penalties, they place Angino-Biagi who, returning from a difficult week, abandoning any championship ambitions.


Alberto Sacco, sailed by Renato Bonesio, brings his Fiat 110 103 on the highest step of the second group podium.

Behind the Milan driver, the Sardinians Virdis-GIordo are placed with their Porsche 356 Speedster.

Another Fiat 1100 features the podium of the group two: it is that of Alderighi- Della Croce in the race with the colors of the Scuderia Kinzica.

In the third grouping, Moreno Arzoni had no opponents. The driver of the Cremona 3t team, on board a Volvo 142 Amazon, closed with 779 penalties.

Second place for Zucchi-Fantini on Mercedes 190 L that precedes the landlord Paolo Zegna, sailed by Paolo Ciscato on Porsche Carrera Speedster.

In group four, behind the Barcella winner, Guggiana-Parisi was placed, on the MG B roadster of 1963 Franciacorta Motori.

The podium finishes with 469 penalties for posting the Varese Magnoni Maurizio and Marisa Vanoni on Porsche 356.

The fifth group sees the success of Roberto Crugnola and Costante Giona on Peugeot 204 of 1968. The strong driver from Varese, at the debut on the Classic Lions Team car, after a few too many mistakes in the first stage closed the second part of the race in a crescendo .

In second place Salviato-Moglia is classified, on the Fiat 128 Classic Team Rally.

Bilanceri-Simeoni close third on the usual Alfa Romeo GTV Scuderia Nettuno Bologna.

Rapisarda-Piga excel in grouping six. Behind them are Rimondi-Fava on Innocenti Mini Cooper. In third place, on a sister car, Roberto and Francesca Miatto bearer of the Padova Autostoriche stable.

Behind Zanasi, second place in the seventh group for Massimo Dalleolle and Marco Magnani and their Autobianche A112 Abarth. Closing the podium of the group Barbara Zazzeri behind the wheel of the Renault 5 Alpine trust.

In the eighth group, behind the winner Boracco, Claudio Lastri is classified on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Scuderia Kinzica. Terzi teammates Bacci-Sacco on Autobianchi A112 Abarth.

Grouping nine conquered once again by Andrea Malucelli and Moncia Bernuzzi.

Behind the Fiat Duna crew Michele Mora on Peugeot 205 GTI rules Andrea Palumbo on Fiat 127.

Last round of the championship scheduled as usual in Cremona with the 2018 edition of the Campagne and Cascine.