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TRENTO-BONDONE BLOCKED. The police headquarters: "Group Risk"






The organizers' assurances and health protocols are useless. Eyes on Stella Alpina.




The news arrived on the afternoon of Wednesday 17th June is one of those destined to leave its mark: the 70th edition of Trento-Bondone will not be there. The event organized by the Scuderia Trentina was halted by the Trento Police Headquarters, which, despite the assurances received from the organizers regarding compliance with the protocols and the adoption of all the necessary protection devices, has been stopped.

According to the Trento Police Headquarters, road racing is a high-risk event and does not allow for compliance with the Prime Minister's Decree, which provides for sporting events to be held behind closed doors or in the open air without the presence of the public.

A decision that, if taken throughout Italy, would jeopardize the restart of our Motorsport and in particular road racing: rallies, climbs, slalom and regularity that inevitably arouse interest in the public.

And right on the 35th Stella Alpina Re-enactment, scheduled from 26 to 28 June, are the eyes and hopes of the fans.

After the decision of early June by which the Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento suspended all events until October, the decision of the Police Headquarters of the city of Trento does not bode well.


"I am disappointed as a citizen, as a Trentino citizen and as a motor enthusiast - these are the words of Fiorenzo Dalmeri, president of Scuderia Trentina - because we missed a great opportunity. With the 2020 edition Trento and Monte Bondone would have hosted the first ever car competition of the year in Italy and almost certainly in Europe, if we exclude F1. Today we had the confirmation that the Trento-Bondone will not be disputed. They won the Covid-19 and lost our sport and the Trentino".


The Scuderia Trentina has confirmed that the Government Commissioner will not give permission for the race to be held behind closed doors on 11 and 12 July. The negative opinion that came out of the meeting also saw the presence and the negative opinion of the Questore di Trento.