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CIREAS restart from Amatrice





The news was in the air for a long time but only yesterday it was officialized the new dress of the COPPA DEI LUPI, the winter race organized by SCUDERIA DEL TEMPO PERSO that for several years has opened the Italian Championship Autostoriche Regularity.

A leap of meditated quality, characterized by the visit that the competitors will make in the Amatrice municipality paying tribute to the people affected by the earthquake in August 2016.

After months of inspection, Mauro Doria and Enzo Sergnese are finishing up the complex organizing of the event that will hold the CIREAS 2018 baptism. The race will be kicked off from Cassino's center on Friday, January 5 with a prologue from some city trials that will not fail to involve the population. The following morning the road to the second stage with the expected buzz ride to Amatrice where, during the lunch break, will be awarded the "Amatrice Trophy " prize, featuring a medium test (not included in the race stand) the last stretch of the road that the crews will face before reaching the area of ??the borough wounded by the earthquake.

After the arrival of the cars and the lunch break that will characterize the Epiphany of the population, the race will resume at Cassino where it will end in the evening. Prizes, as usual, are scheduled for Sunday morning.

The race, which will not fail to attract important personalities of motor sport, has received the patronage of Acistorico.

We should not miss the fundamental contribution of the Italian regulars who, with their presence at the event, will give a concrete sign of the closeness of the world of self-restraint to the citizens of Amatrice. In this sense, the organizational work of every single club or club will be crucial, and it will be possible to agree with each organization for any further initiative.

Entries will open Wednesday, December 6, 2017.