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he Turin competition will close the Italian Regularity Media Championship.



After the renunciation by Automobile Club Lucca, expressed at the end of last year, to organize for the year 2020 the third edition of the regularity race in the middle "Coppa Ville Lucchesi", the CIRM calendar remained orphaned by a race.

Race that, it is fair to remember, was judged by the participants as one of the best in the championship. A posthumous judgment that only morally bridged the wounds of the controversies that had characterized the weeks before the race with a not too veiled boycott by some participants of the main national series who negatively judged the event "on paper". The limited number of participants (together with the above controversies) certainly weighed on the decision, given that the historic rally was combined with the modern rally, leaving out the regularity.


After the first edition of 2019 La Grande Corsa therefore obtains validity for the Italian title. The Turin race, which saw the success of the new Italian champion Maurizio Vellano with the Audi 80 Quattro, used the automatic system of the Spanish Blunik.

The other CIRM races are also evaluating the use of an automatic timing system. In recent days, the news that a well-known national operator could use an automated system in competition with the Spaniards of Blunik.

The news is certainly positive, confirming the ferment and vitality that surrounds this specialty recently introduced in the national autoretical panorama thanks to Acisport, to the first organizers who believed it and to the competitors who participated in the first two editions of the Italian Regularity Media Championship.