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The coronavirus emergency continues also in the Italian motorsprt.


In the regularity sector, definitely postpone WINTERACE and WINE CUP.


The decision taken today by ACISPORT is partly different from that of last week and makes distinctions on a territorial basis.


Let's see which ones:


First of all ALL RACES WITH A NATIONAL TITLE cannot be played, as well as races in the municipalities of the RED AREA which are obviously prohibited.


Remember that the RED AREA is limited to the municipalities of Bertonico; Casalpusterlengo; Castelgerundo; Castiglione D'Adda; Codogno; Fombio; Maleo; San Fiorano; Somaglia; Terranova dei Passerini; Vo '.


In the YELLOW ZONE, that is Regions of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto and in the provinces of Pesaro and Urbino and Savona are suspended until March 8 and postponed until the end of the race all the scheduled races.


In other areas, the races without national titration can be carried out according to the calendar, but pilots or teams from the Red and Yellow areas must not participate in them.

The organizers are obliged to check the areas of origin of the crews.


The latter factual indication will prevent many crews from participating in the races even if they are not entitled, also affecting the organizers' takings.


Perhaps a stop until the end of the month would have been more appropriate, less painful than a state of uncertainty on a weekly basis that puts organizers and participants in difficulty.


In the last few days ASI has blocked all the events for 30 days, even if some races have been held and will be held, in spite of the fairness of a championship and respect for the directives that aim to contain the COVID-19 emergency.