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The FIA-FIVA agreement provided for an ASI agreement with national ASN. To date dead letter ...


The Acisport Federal Sports Prosecutor has sent a notice to 32 drivers to start the Referral procedure.

The Acisport licensees would have participated in two races in 2019 in the province of Gorizia, the "Trieste Opicina Historic" and the "Colli Goriziani Historic" not authorized by the ASN Nazionale ACISPORT, thus infringing the letter, as required by the National Sporting Regulations (Art. 4) which identifies in ACI The "owner on the national territory of motor sports power that comes from the FIA ??and that is recognized by law".


In this regard, the agreement ratified between the two international federations of reference FIA ??(for Acisport) and FIVA (for ASI) has remained a "dead letter", which provides that regularity manifestations can be carried out according to the regulations of both.


As previously highlighted by us, the letter, signed on 26 June Jean Todt, president of the FIA, the International Automobile Federation and Patrick Rollet, president of FIVA, the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles, ended with a clear sentence:


"The organization of events is subject to the agreement of the relevant ASN (in Italy Acisport) when required by national law"


This phrase, not exactly irrelevant, was not highlighted by the commentators or even by the specialized magazines that always stopped at the previous paragraph misleading the reader.

Some commentators, more deployed, went further in summarizing with the phrase "ASI races are authorized!".


Certainly the implementation of the international agreement signed by the two Presidents would not have "saved" the participants in the two Gorizia races of 2019 but would not have exposed to the risk of referral all participants in the races held after 26.06.19.


The mind runs to 2015, and to the referral of some ACISPORT licensors for taking part in the month of March in the race "100 Miglia delle Terre Gonzaghesche" which was held under the auspices of ASI.

In that case, eight stables were also referred, which were then acquitted, according to the thesis that it was the individual participants who entered the name of the stables in the registration form.

Among the 85 conductors referred, however, the majority "admitted the fault" and paid the fine while only 35 filed an appeal defended by the lawyer Giansante. There was no conviction but the forfeiture of the security deposit paid for the appeal.

The 2015 proceeding was triggered by the denunciation of a fired person who sent the rankings of the Reggio Emilia race to Rome and even today, it seems that the referral did not start from Rome but is an act due following a report from the territory. It remains to be seen who sent the rankings of the Gorizia races to Rome: a conductor, an organizer or a team?



It remains to be understood what will happen now, the agreement signed by FIVA and FIA could be a meeting point, but will ASI sit at the table with ACI?