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The protagonists of the specialty are non-professional crews, it is impossible to recover the budget


Formula 1 stops even before starting, WRC stopped after three races and 1000 Miles postponed to October. The Covid-19 is in serious danger of jeopardizing the conduct of most of the 2020 regularity races.

Let me be clear, the real problems are quite different, from the frontline struggle of general practitioners who often fight the enemy with bare hands, as well as nurses and doctors who in hospitals not only in the north are trying in every way to keep up with an increasingly unsustainable situation. The situation in Bergamo and Brescia is dramatic, where perhaps a culpable delay in stopping some non-strategic activities is presenting a sad and bitter final account, represented plastically by that night column of military trucks.

The economic impact with which we will have to face the return to normal will be a further real problem.

A return to normality that, even for the world of motorsport, will not be easy at all starting from the calendars.

In the world of regularity in particular, where practically all of the practitioners are not professional pilots or navigators who, if they were able to fit all the titled races postponed in a few months, would hardly be able to bear such a high financial outlay, in a lapse of such a short time.

Assuming that, once the emergency is over and the subsequent period with gradual resumption of activities and social contacts, there is a likely return to normal in September (August and we want to be optimistic), the new calendars will have to be drawn up. a time span of 4 months ie 17 weeks.

But how many of these 17 weekends can actually be used?

Since it is unlikely that someone will participate in a demonstration at Christmas and New Year, the numbers quickly drop to 15, from which the dates occupied by the Great Events (GP Nuvolari, Targa Florio and Mille Miglia with Coppa delle Alpi) must be subtracted, following the guidelines provided by the Federation. postponed to January).

12 boxes remain, some already occupied by the last three CIREAS races (Lumezzane, Marca Classica and Coppa d'era) and one by the last race of the NATIONAL REGULARITY TROPHY (Ciruito delle Valli Piacentine).

There are therefore eight usable dates, one of which is conceivable will be occupied by the Coppa Città della Pace which at the time of the STOP had already closed the registrations and drawn up the list of members.

In this emergency phase, the CIRM should be considered as "transparent" in the management of the concomitances, having a catchment area still too diversified compared to the regular regularity.

In the seven remaining dates they should be inserted: two races of the Grandi Eventi Championship (Milan-Sanremo and the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti), seven CIREAS races (Cave di Cusa, Valli Biellesi, Targa AC Bologna, San Marino Revival, Baia delle Ninfe, Millecurve and Campagne and Cascine) and four TNR races (Wine Cup, Passo di Rigano-Bellolampo, Circuito del Savio and Colline Moreniche) for a total of thirteen events.

To these races must be added the Superclassics, important events such as Modena 100 Ore and Valpantena Revival and Coppa Mazzotti.

Some of these events could also not care about the concomitances, especially those with strong foreign participation but another front could be opened: that represented by the sports commissioners, by the technical auditors, by the commissioners of the course and by the race directors, hoping that the timekeepers will be able to multiply because remember that in addition to regularity there will be concurrently rally, slalom, climbs, off road and the world of speed.

In the latest press release, both the FIA ??and ACISPORT have anticipated that it will take the collaboration of all the players in the field to allow the recovery of the greatest number of races, with a calendar based on the validity, and reconsideration of the number of races valid for each series in based on the feasibility of their recovery.