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On June 26th Jean Todt, president of the FIA, the International Automobile Federation and Patrick Rollet, president of FIVA, the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles met to renew a collaboration agreement between the two associations. The new agreement replaces the existing one signed in 1999.

However, in the new agreement there is a sentence that was not initially highlighted by commentators or even by some specialized magazines.


The document, divided into six points, in addition to illustrating the relationships of collaboration between the institutions, establishes which are the fields of activity of each one; in particular, as regards regularity manifestations, the agreement establishes that:


a) both FIA and FIVA regulations can be used, as well as events;


b) events with an average speed of less than 50 km / h are not considered sporting events;


c) the organization of the events referred to in point b) is subject to the relevant ASN agreement when required by national law;


And it is precisely this phrase that in fact seems to oblige the ASI and any other body to find an agreement with ACISPORT (which is the relevant ASN in Italy).


It is not given to know what will happen after this new reading of the agreement, it will be interesting, however, to verify its future developments.


Here you can read the original document