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Last weekend was staged the inaugural AXIM - Ticino Classic, an event dedicated to historic cars that allowed all the crews to cross some of the most typical lands of Ticino.


The event, organized by Think Design Lugano, has developed over two days: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September departing from Lugano. After a few kilometers with the first trials of Sigirino - Tellco Trophy, the race began to outline the contenders for final victory, with experts Carlo and  Mattia Nessi on Austin Mini Cooper S of 1965 who took the lead right from the first pressure. The caravan then, through a spectacular passage in the Malcantone region, where he had planned a fun "treasure hunt" photographic "reached Italy with a stop for lunch in Luino. In the afternoon, after touching Locarno was awarded the prize to the most elegant car in the central square of Ascona, where the cars were literally surrounded by a crowd of onlookers and fans. To win the coveted award the elegant SIATA Daina Gran Sport of the crew Achille Donati and Maurizio Trezzi.


At the end of the parade crews have taken the road book to the headquarters of Lugano where the evening took place a gala dinner at the Seven Lugano dovo well as being awarded the winners of the day was an opportunity for meeting and relaxing glamor between crews and organizers who were able to gather advice and satisfied comments of participants who have already confirmed their presence at the next edition of Axim Ticino Classic and also by Enrico Rossini, CEO AXIM, the main sponsor of manifestazone.


Sunday morning only one shining awaited the crews for the second leg of the race, with the Lake of Lugano and the Medrisiotto lands as a backdrop to the latest trials that would decide the final classification.


At the end of hostilities, with a fantastic comeback, Loris Gianotti and Mauro Capiaghi on Porsche 356 of 1954 were up on the top of the podium, ahead of Nessi Nessi-Austin Mini Cooper S in 1965. In third place Carlo and Paola De Bernardi on Porsche 911 T2.2  Coupe.


The final outcome of this first edition can only be positive, because of the young age of the event and for a successful mix of technicality (evidence on the time trials) alternating the most relaxing moments as the "treasure hunt" and the camera concours d'elegance, all seasoned with a hospitality of excellence in terms of cuisine and location choices for lunch, dinner and overnight.


For next year, the organization already has ncreased the number of  regularity time trials making the race very attractive even for the most experienced drivers with increasingly high level of hospitality.



TICINO CLASSIC will certainly become an important event in the sector of historic cars .... goodbye to 2016