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The organizers of the Costa Brava have received a "recommendation" from the Spanish Ministry of Health which aims to contain the expansion of the #coronavirus: to leave Italian crews at home.

The rumor, that in the circles of the historical rally began to turn yesterday, unfortunately had a sad confirmation after the meeting between the organizers (the president of RallyClassics Alex Romaní was present) and the Catalan institutions (General Sports Secretary of the Generalitat ) at the headquarters of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

At the end of the meeting, it was reiterated that, following the recommendations of the public health and the "Consell Assessor of the civil protection plan of Catalonia" (PROCICAT), to limit the participation in the 68 Costa Brava Rally of crews coming from countries that they are clearly considered areas of risk of transmission of the virus, thus affecting all the Italian teams that have submitted their application.

This measure, reads the press release, is fundamental to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


RallyClassics regrets the inconvenience that this measure, required by the health situation, can cause to teams, drivers and spectators.


It should be remembered that the Italian crews at the start of the race are a total of 16 with about thirty mechanics who obviously have already incurred the costs for the flights, which will not be refundable, and of the hotels.

Another important item which will hopefully be refunded is that of the registration.







From a sporting point of view, the unknown remains for the European title. The race, scheduled for 13 and 14 March, is in fact valid for the European Historic Rally Championship and preventing the Italian crews, who have always been protagonists in the series, from participating cannot be endorsed by the FIA.

The Italian Acisport Federation, in these hours, has already activated itself to protect Italian licensed workers from the sporting aspect to avoid at least this mockery.


And in a month it's up to regularity on average .....