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Between tradition and news, the organization of the 30th edition of the event dedicated to the "Great Nivola" goes on







After the start of the motorsport competitions sanctioned by Acisport in July, also the organizing machine of Gp Nuvolari has started again.

It’s confirmed: the 30th edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari will take place on the traditional third weekend of September, from 17th to 20th. The decision was taken by Mantova Corse after a successful confrontation with the Federation and the Organizers of the other races of the season.

The unpredictable situation that arose following the Covid-19 health emergency has radically changed the national scenario and consequently the sports one, but Mantova Corse wants to validate the event in one of its most awaited editions, the thirtieth, which establishes an important collective goal, for the Organizer, for the city of Mantova and for all the fans who have appreciated and supported the event over time.

The Gran Premio Nuvolari 2020 will be an emblematic edition in all respects. Not only because it will cross the finish line of its thirtieth edition, but also because it will undoubtedly constitute a “zero” edition of an event of extraordinary success, revised today with new eyes. Beyond the competitive value of the happening, we will appreciate more than anything else the possibility that it will give us to return to travel, to enjoy the beauties of the wonderful Italian territory and the affective warmth that only a multitude of true car enthusiasts can give.

The Staff is concentrating its efforts in three different directions: the relationship with the public institutions to get the administrative authorizations; the adaptation of the event to the ministerial provisions and to the protocols issued by Aci Sport; the relationship with competitors from all over the world. All this without distorting the sporting, touristic and social value of the event, while ensuring the utmost attention to the health security of the participants and the logistical organicity of the event.

Although this 2020 edition is in some respects anomalous, the participants' adhesions are not long in coming. Also thanks to the massive campaign on important international sector magazines, registrations from abroad are coming in good numbers: the desire to return to visit our “Bel Paese” and to participate in one of the best historic car races in the world are evidently strong.

Another important news of this year will be the "GPN Green" initiative, thanks to which Mantova Corse will adopt a conscious approach in the field of environmental protection and sustainability, committing itself to the planting of tall trees in selected areas of the city, in order to compensate and eliminate the total CO2 emissions.

Red Bull, the Special Partner of the event, will support the GP Nuvolari 2020 by attending also with the new colors of the F1 AlphaTauri team, while Finservice, leader in the financial sector, will support the Organization as Technical Partner.

The Gran Premio Nuvolari 2020 will be as usual itinerant, divided into three stages that will make the parade of classic cars touch Mantova, Emilia, the Adriatic Riviera, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Romagna, to finish again in Mantova - all within a framework of high level hospitality. The birthplace of Tazio Nuvolari will remain involved in the event during all the days of the GP, with collateral happenings and exhibitions.