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At the ACI Pavilion of Auto and Vintage Motorcycles, presented the Great Events 2018 World Championships


Opened by the greeting of President Automobile Club Italia, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, took the floor and illustrated the first year and announced the new developments for 2018: Marco Rogano, General Manager ACI Sport; Francesco Tufarelli Secretary General of Automobile Club Italy, Luca Bergamaschi, Grand Prix Nuvolari Organizer, Piergiorgio Vittorini, President of Automobile Club Brescia.


The first three pilots of the highest ranking podium were present: Giuliano Canè, Andrea Belometti and Giovanni Moceri, the Sicilian awarded as the first Italian champion of the first edition of the Tricolor Series.


ACI President also wanted to mean the will to continue in the work of enhancing the events of great historical and sporting prestige, to protect the heritage of the Italian historical events.


In the course of the vernissage, the guidelines of the 2018 series have been presented. The calendar of competitions adds to an event, in addition to the three original ones.


The 2018 Large Events Calendar will be structured as follows: Golden Cup of the Dolomites scheduled in Cortina d'Ampezzo from 20 to 23 July; Grand Prix Nuvolari in Mantua from 13 to 17 September; Targa Florio is scheduled for Palermo from 4 to 7 October; Cup of the Alps scheduled in Brescia from 4 to 8 December


Therefore, it was announced the establishment of the National Ranking of Media Regularity, which will be introduced to the races and will have an excerpt from the final event of the main event.