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On Sunday at the "Colline dei Gonzaga" the VIDEO TRIAL was used for the first time in a competition of historic regularity.

Faced with the notification of an impediment by a competitor and in the absence of a report by the commissioner / timekeeper, the race director made use of the procedure provided for by the legislation introduced this year: THE VIDEO TEST.

After an analysis of the video, he gave the average because the competitor was found to be hindered.

After the first few races of the season, it seems that the introduction of the norm is bringing further benefits and the tense after-races seem just a memory.

If on the one hand the possibility of analyzing the CAMERA CAR helps competitors in the event of an oversight by the commissioners, on the other the requests for impediments / obstacles are often decreasing, often without foundation.

It should be remembered that the "VIDEO2 TEST can be accepted only if declared during the pre-race verification. Subsequently, a list will be drawn up which will be available to the Race Director who will then be able to make use of this precious technological aid. If it has not been declared in Previously, the presence on board of the camera CANNOT be used for post-race verification.

It is understood that the freedom remains to have a video camera on board for playful and private purposes.

Finally, it is useful to clarify that the "VAR Regularity" will not be a substitute for commissioners and reports but will be an additional help for the Race Director.

In short, from this year it will be like in football: if the gurdalinee does not signal the offside, the referee will be able to relate to the action .....