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The organizer asks to remove the veto from the dispute of the City of Peace Cup affected by the coronavirus.


After the Geneva Motor Show, another motoring event risks being canceled.



"Dear Campobellesi Friends,

today at 16:00 with the ante-race checks, the 27th edition of the City of Peace Cup should have started and tomorrow at 9:30 the first car would have crossed via Dante after leaving Riva del Garda.

A damned virus has prevented all this! "



Thus begins the open letter addressed by Adige Sport to the organizers of the third edition of the Cave di Cusa Trophy which will take place on the weekend of March 21, 2020.

Reading in the heartfelt letter sent to Campobello, the organizers of the City of Peace Cup ask the "Sicilian regular friends" to remove the veto which, according to what is read, would have been placed on the move on 27-28 March of the Garda race canceled following of the Acisport decision which, in compliance with the decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers, and adopted by CONI, provided for the precautionary postponement of all sports car events until 1 March 2020. This decision had been introduced to the purposes of the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019.


Among the reasons expressed in the letter, the difficulty in identifying an alternative date and the impossibility of carrying out the race on the north side of Lake Garda in August (shortage of beds and skyrocketing prices for the participants in the first place) or in November (closed hotels and snow risk) in a dense calendar of dates such as that of the Acisport 2020 regularity.


Continuing the reading, the Trentino organizer underlines that he believes that the City of Peace Cup, the Cave di Cusa Trophy, in the following week cannot in any way negatively affect the number of participants in the Sicilian race:


"This is what the numbers of the previous editions say (32 in 2018 and 27 in 2019, including modern ones) and the origin of the competitors, 90% of whom are residents of Sicily.

Furthermore, the Cave di Cusa Trophy 2020 is the first race of the SOUTH group, a fundamental stage for those aiming for the Italian Drivers and Stables Championship who cannot afford the luxury of discarding the first race in advance.

To avoid any misunderstanding, we have recently sent the list of members to the Federation, so as to "freeze" the situation to show that for us the important thing is to carry out the race on 27-28 March 2020, in the same conditions in which we would have done it this weekend.

We also analyzed the list in search of who, among our members, had participated in the Campobello race in 2019. This verification showed that it is limited to two competitors, one of which is a resident of Sicily who has already confirmed his participation in the Cave di Cusa 2020 Trophy. "


It remains to be seen whether the open letter will have positive repercussions or whether, after the Geneva Motor Show, the City of Peace Cup will also be the victim of the coronavirus and will be canceled., which has always been a point of reference for the specialty, remains available to host the eventual replica of the organizers of the 3rd Cave di Cusa Trophy