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The curtain falls on the 13th edition of Rally Revival Club Valpantena. Exciting edition with 220 entres, great participation of foreign crews, huge presence of public, but veiled by the sad news from Paris.

Maurizio Senna and Lorena Zaffani won for the third time with their MW 2002 TII of Scaligera Rallye also winning the Super Cup Valpantena. After the success of LessiniaSport and in Three Regions Trophy this other gem closed a sensational season for the driver of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano.

In second place (+14 pen) the crew of Courmayeur composed by Lanier Luigi and D'Herin Diego on a Lancia Fulvia HF prepared from historic Workshop Ferrato. Third (+30 pen), but only after the last decisive stage, Coghi-Coghi with spectacular Opel Ascona 400 of the Racing Team Isola Vicentina with which they hit success in the 8th Division.

Among the surprises of the first day were Zambelli-Albieri (Fiat X1 / 9) that had long maintained the lead. Boom debut for the home crew composed by Zanchi-Zanchi, seventeenth overall and third of the 6th Division on the VW Golf GTI (Scaligera Rallye) of their father Alberto, a founding member of the Rally Club Valpantena.

Big surprise at the finish of Grezzana the presence of two-time World Champion Walter Rohrl, who have not been able to participate at this year event but did not want to miss the show of the Valpantena. The German driver has given reward on the platform to Lucky-Rudy, who with the Ferrari 308 GTB (Racing Team Isola Vicentina) have delighted spectators on the stages.

Among foreign crews successfully victory for Henglein-Zuckermeier with the Lancia Rally 037 that was of Attilio Bettega, a success that is a sort of continuation of the friendship between the Rally Club Valpantena with the driver of Molveno. They closed ninth overall. Among the BMW M3 the win gone to Stefano Pezzo and Davide Rossi (Scaligera Rallye). Behind them Marchetto-Zamboni (Squadra Corse Isola Vicentina), Fracasso-Camponogara (Squadra Corse Isola Vicentina), Tacchella-Pertile (Scaligera Rallye) and Grobberio-Valbusa (VPN Motorsport).

Trophy “Buri”, reserved for the first of the 89 veronese drivers, went to Patrik Campara and Stefano Riva, seventh overall on Opel Manta GTE of Scaligera Rallye. In the 9th Division success for acrobatic Ivo Zanini and Cornelio Menegatti (Lancia Delta 4WD / Orsara Corse).

In the female classification victory announced for Dusi Anna and Stizzoli Martina (Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130 / Star3) while among the teams win for Scaligera Rallye with Racing Team Isola Vicentina on second and HCC Verona on third.


President of the Organizing Committee, Roberto "Bob" Brunelli, publicly thanked all the people who worked for successful edition in all its aspects. All drivers interviewed on arrival stage were enthusiastic about this edition. In addition to people who work, Bob Brunelli thanks all the municipalities, the sponsors of the race and all the 440 drivers.