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Those who expected to see navigators that in place of the classic "suitcase" would have presented themselves at the start of the historic Monegasque race with boxes full of tables was disappointed. The regulatory advances released last year, which anticipated a total ban on electronic instruments, were denied. The Automobile Club of Monaco has recently released the regulation of the 23rd edition of the Monte Carlo Rally Historique, the most famous average regularity race in the world and the only significant new feature is the number of instruments that each car can have on board. The limit imposed will be of nr. 2 measuring instruments then a mediometer + pilot display would already be sufficient to reach the limit allowed except for regulatory interpretations for which we have already requested clarifications from ACM.

The regulation 2020 says “Seuls deux instruments de mesures (répétiteur compris) pourront être specials au tableau de bord. "In the French version, while in the English version:" Only two measuring devices (repetitor included) can be affixed on the dashboard. Cars must be in this configuration through the rally. "

So the limit is relative to the instruments fixed to the "tableau de bord" or "dashboard" dashboard or is this limitation intended for the entire passenger compartment?

It is instead specified that smartphones, tablets, navigators, etc. are considered measuring instruments and are included in the calculation above.


Milan confirmed between the departure venues; Friday, January 31st at 6:00 pm, 60 cars will depart from the Lombard capital to which will be added the ten crews from Athens.

Also in 2020 a great commitment can be expected from the Automobile Club of Milan, which obtained confirmation after the excellent start in 2019.

After leaving Milan the competitors will head towards Sestriere, for a stamp check and then cross the border to France and face the first two regularity tests starting at 11:30 after more than 16 hours of driving ...


The real bomb, as always, is instead indicated in the editorial accompanying the regulation, written by Géry Mestre, President of the Autostoriche Commission of the Automobile Club of Monaco: from 2022, to the 25th edition of the Rallye di Montecarlo Storico, will be admitted to the start only there car models that participated in an edition of the race until 1977, then built before December 31st 1976.




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