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Montecarlo Historique, goodbye electronic instrumentation.



Back to the past. This seems to be the path taken by the organizers Rallye Montecarlo Historique, who seem intent on (by 2020) to ban the electronic tools used by the most aggressive competitors. This is what we read in the preface accompanying the 2019 regulation. Already in the 2019 regulation, Article 20.4 "Measuring devices" states: To preserve the aesthetic integrity of the cars and in accordance with the vehicle period, only a measuring instrument distance (trip master) with a mechanical display (not digital) and a stopwatch (not electronic) can be installed "permanently" on the dashboard of the car. Other electronic devices (mediometers, chronometers, etc.), will be authorized if they are installed "temporarily" without any modification of the dashboard and the passenger compartment and must be removed and must not be visible at the parks, c.o. and at the end of the stage, penalty penalty. The cars must be presented in this configuration at the checks for the race and until the start of the rally. First offense: warning Second inf: 1000 pen Third: 5.000 A choice that will be destined to be discussed and which will probably influence the dynamics of other events as well. Will it be revolution? ....