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The second act of the 2019 Italian Regularity Championship was held in Sicily and the province of Trapani.


The Cave di Cusa Trophy has maintained Campobello di Mazara, headquarters of the best national regularists and home of the organizing club, as headquarters.


The path chosen by the team coordinated by Giovanni Bianco is very impressive. The crews crossed the Reserve Gorghi tondi Lake Preola, Mazara del Vallo, Tre Fontane, before heading to the Belìce Valley, with the timed tests that took place in front of the symbolic places of memory, such as the Cretto di Burri, in old Gibellina , in Montevago and Santa Margherita Belìce, two centers hit by the 1968 earthquake.


Giovanni Pellegrino, president of the Automobile Club of Trapani, with Vito Gulotta, was an exceptional pioneer


At the end of the 65 scheduled timed races, distributed in the 200km race, Mario Passanante, sailed by Elisa Buccioni, on the Fiat 508 c of 1937 got the better of Enzo Ciravolo and Francesco Messina on A112 Abarth in 1972.

On the third step of the podium, Giovanni Moceri and Valeria Dicembre, bearer of the newly formed Scuderia Targa Florio on the Fiat 508 C of 1939.


For the Italian titles of category, in addition to the heavy points of Passanante and Moceri in RC2, to signal the excellent performance of Luppino - Indelicato on Fiat 600 Scuderia Cars, which conquer the first position in RC3.

Second place in the category for Alessandro Aiello on the Lancia Fulvia Classic Team of 1967, which closes in first position also in the fifth grouping.

Third place in the category for Giovanni Scavello and Rita Frisone aboard a 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia.


In RC4, behind the Enzo Ciravolo on A112 is the winner of the first race of the CIREAS, Angelo Accardo who consolidates his leadership in the Italian Championship conductors and in the Italian RC4 Championship thanks to an excellent fourth overall position and second place in the category.

On the lowest step of the RC4 category podium, is Salvatore Cusumano on an A112 Abarth from the 1973 Classic Team.

The classification of the RC5 category smiles at Maurizio Indelicato and his Lancia Y10 Franciacorta Motori. In second place, to signal the only female presence, that of Martina Montalbano who on Autobianchi A112 of 1985 also wins the group 8.

Still in RC5, third place for Enrico Scotto and Giuseppe I start in the race with A112 Abarth from the 1983 Classic Team.


Franciacorta Motori, also in Sicily, wins among the stables, ahead of the Classic Team and the Scameria CARS of Avellino.


The grouping rankings were the preserve of the local crews.


Among the pre-war, Mario Passanante conquers the group 2 in front of Giovanni Moceri on Fiat 508.

In the fourth grouping is Giuseppe Luppino to lord it. Teammate Saverio Sciacca, navigated by Gregorio Spina, behind the wheel of an admired Volvo PV 544 of 1962, is behind the Scuderia Cars of Avellino.


Giuseppe Lanza and Baldassarre Stallone are placed in third position behind Aiello and Scavello on the 1971 Alfa Romeo GT Junior.


Leonardo and Giuseppe Ippolito aboard a Classic Team Autobianchi A112 1975, close the podium of the sixth group behind Ciravolo and Cusumano.


In the group 7, won by Angelo Accardo, the bearers of the Scuderia Cars of Avellino Alfonso and Angelo Tumbarello are placed on Autobianchi A112 of 1981.

Third position for team-mate Baldassarre Bono, sailed by Vincenzo Tancredi, and their Fiat 127 of 1980.


Behind Martina Montalbano and Enrico Scotto, third place in the eighth grouping for Giuseppe Marino and Andrea Ienna on A112 of 1983.


Regarding the Italian Regularity Championship, Auto Moderne, Accardo-Messina on Lancia Y did not have opponents excelling in Race 1 and in Race 2.

They conquer a second and a third place Rizzo-Stallone on Fiat Coupè 16v Turbo and Traina-Palazzotto on Mini Italian Job. Giunta-Sciacca closes the classification on Fiata 500 Sporting and Rondinelli - Serfini on the Fiat Punto that also conquers the third group of modern cars.