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Record of entries to the Giulietta & Romeo 2020 Cup. Over 100 cars at the start.


The press conference for the presentation of the Giulietta & Romeo 2020 Cup, the classic regularity event organized by the Automobile Club Veronain in collaboration with AC Verona Historic, ACI Verona Sport, Municipalities of Bardolino, Garda took place this morning in the evocative setting of the Municipality of Bardolino. and Torri del Benaco and with the support of the Alfa Romeo F.lli Girelli dealer as well as Sara Assicurazioni, ISAP Packaging, MA-PA Servizi Fiduciari, Nuova Petroli and ACI Global Servizi, which will open the Italian Championship of Historic Regularities on February 7-8 2020.

The Mayor of Bardolino Lauro Sabaini, the Mayor of Torri del Benaco Stefano Nicotra, the President of the Automobile Club Verona Adriano Baso, the Director Riccardo Cuomo and the Race Director Alberto Riva were present.

THE CARS There is great anticipation for the event, which will see over 100 cars with some of the most popular crews regarding classic regularity in Italy, a discipline that combines passion for the classic car, collecting, precision and competition. It should be noted that the registration procedures will close today, and therefore the number of participants is certainly destined to grow.

Scrolling through the list of members, without going into detail of the many TOP crews that will participate in the race to win the absolute victory, the parterre of vintage cars is certainly of interest. There will be 11 cars from the period 1931-1946, the oldest and most spectacular almost all Fiat 508 in various configurations: the most famous 508C "Balilla" but also two 508S including a rare Coppa d'Oro, a CS Balilla MM over with two Lancia Aprilia and one Lancia Ardea.

The brands represented will be a mirror of the history and charm of the car with Porsche, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Innocenti, Lancia, Fiat, Volkswagen, Renault in what has all the canons to be a real motor feast. There will be Fiat 1100s, witnesses of an unforgettable era, the Porsche 356s with their line still and always current, forerunners of what was then the most famous of the Stuttgart brand, the 911. There are also some rarities for connoisseurs, such as an Autobianchi Primula 65C.


Here are the statements of the protagonists:


Adriano Baso | President of the Automobile Club Verona “We have had the great honor of being the opening event of the 2020 Italian Historic Auto Regularity Championship, and being able to do so with over 100 members is a result that flatters us and pushes us to give our best for an event in which the spectacular classic cars are the right protagonists. Registrations will close tonight, so we will know the final number of starters tomorrow but we have already achieved an important goal. The race from a competitive point of view will be very interesting, with many teams able to play for the victory which, I remember, in this type of event does not go to the most beautiful car but to the most effective crew. I invite all fans on Lake Garda this weekend, the scenography will be a postcard and therefore not to be missed ".

Riccardo Cuomo | Director of the Automobile Club Verona “I have to thank the territory of Lake Garda from the bottom of my heart who worked actively for the organization of the event, especially the mayor Sabaini of Bardolino, the mayor Nicotra of Torri del Benaco and the mayor Bendinelli di Garda who they will allow us to pass through the historic centers of three of the pearls of Benaco. I can't forget all the other administrations involved, our partners and all the work team that believed in this event from the beginning and that spends with commitment even personal efforts to ensure that everything runs perfectly. "

Lauro Sabaini | Mayor of Bardolino “I don't hide the satisfaction of hosting such an important event with over 100 participants from every corner of Italy. For our municipality and for all our territory, which makes tourism and promotion one of the most important aspects of its work, it will certainly be a special occasion ".

Stefano Nicotra | Mayor of Torri del Benaco “The Giulietta & Romeo Cup will return for the second time to Torri del Benaco and we are honored to be able to give prestige to the wonderful vintage cars that will participate. We hope for a beautiful sunny day to allow participants to appreciate every nuance of beauty in our area ".