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Saturday, May 30, in the presence of the Mayor of Bolzano Dott.Spagnolli and key representatives of the sponsors, was held at the headquarters of the H2, the first power plant to produce hydrogen for transport in Italy, the press conference to present the 9th Mendola History, Italian league regular self-historical and 4th Ecorally Mendola, race valid for the World FIA cars in alternative energy.

After the words of the presentation by the President of the Scuderia Dolomiti, Dott. Zermiani descriptions and technical logistics of employees Sigg. Gaioni and Ramini, has left ample space to the sponsors that with satisfaction, remembering the old time trial of the Mendola, have picked up the baton to ensure the success of the event.

Thanks then to the energy company AEW and SEL, the A22, the Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano, the company to stay in Bolzano, to South Tyrol Marketing, EURAC research center, the Municipality and the entity Fiera di Bolzano, the company to stay in Ortisei, dealerships and KIA SUZUKI Bolzano, service area MEBORAST AGIP, to close gently with Loacker and Erika Ice cream.