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From 2020 to access the final of the FIA ??TROPHY FOR HISTORIC REGULARITY RALLIES it will be necessary to qualify in one of the tests foreseen by the calendar issued by the International Federation.


The FIA ??TROPHY FOR HISTORIC REGULARITY RALLIES, the most important international series dedicated to medium regularity, has been taking place in Spain for a few years and the Costa Brava Historic Rally is the only test that crowns the FIA ??champion.

In the past, the championship included stages throughout Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland and Great Britain), so much so that it was considered the "European Championship" of specialties.

In 2014 Paolo Marcattilj, driving his '67 Porsche 911, with the Italians co-drivers Marco Maria Calegari and Francesco Giammarino, was awarded the title for the first time.

In the last two years, due to the low participation due to travel costs, the series has abandoned the classic formula with a calendar of races valid for acquiring points and final classification, in favor of the single test, the Costa Brava Historic Rally.

From this year, however, we change. The International Federation will identify a series of "classifying" events that will allow access to the final valid for the Trophy.

To qualify, says the regulation published by the FIA, it will be necessary to be classified in the first bracket of the absolute classification (within 33%).

Pending the publication of the trophy calendar and the relative final (it will be held in October probably in Switzerland) ACISPORT has already identified the two "qualifying" races that will be SANREMO and ELBA races also valid for the ITALIAN MEDIA 2020 REGULARITY CHAMPIONSHIP .