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It is on sale with Ruoteclassiche the "Basic Course on the Regularity"


World Queen of the historical discipline, with hundreds of races scattered throughout the national territory, regularly attracts more and more fans, most of them young, and perhaps the first experience aboard a historic car. To them, but also to the many "experts" who for years defy the clock in Asi races and Aci Sport, it addresses the Special "Basic Course for Regularity", on sale in July with Ruoteclassiche, for a total price of 9.90 € (only magazine 5,50 EUR).


The book, 96 pages, presents itself as an authentic "ABC" of the discipline, with interviews with leading Italian Top Driver, an overview of the necessary equipment to begin with but for the counselors of ranking ambitions, preparing Pregara of pilots and navigator, and that - not least - of the machine, an annotated guide to analyzing and best use of the roadbook.


There will all the information needed to understand the peculiarities of Aci Sport championship. A very interesting section will also be dedicated to the overview of the qualities and characteristics for cars that are ideal for grapple with chronometers. Therefore not miss with the number of Ruoteclassiche on newsstands this month an invaluable tool to enter the heart of a specialty continues to rise, and for everyone, because viable with costs all in all content.