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TNR: Himara Bottini, Scuderia Nettuno and Giorgio Bossi leader


Less than a month from the Marca Classica, a valid race as the third round of the National Regularity Trophy, scheduled for 2 June 2019, the identikits of the possible protagonists of the Acisport series are beginning to take shape.


After the first two races of the seven included in the 2019 calendar, Himara Bottini, navigated by Rosemary Boscardin, commands the absolute classification followed by only two lengths by Giorgio and Daniele Bossi of the Orobico Autostoriche Club which also controls the Cup dedicated to the Under 30s.

In third place were the bearers of the AC Verona Historic team, Michele Lafortezza and Carturan Ilaria.


The Top Five are completed by Fausto Governato of the Scuderia Nettuno and Francesco Galassi of the San Marino Regularists.


The positions of Gabriele Tonarelli, Alberto Tattini, Cesare Ruggeri, Guaita Daniela and Francesco Saleri are also excellent.


With five more races to be played, there are also the Trophies dedicated to Drivers with Lafortezza, Governato and Tattini in full swing among the Driver B, Stefano Valente alone among the Drivers C and Bossi, Himara Bottini, Gabriele Tonarelli, Angelo Pizzuto and Gianluca Cioffi. To signal the ever increasing commitment of the AC Palermo president Angelo Pizzuto who currently sails in 14th position as far as the absolute classification of the series is concerned, in fourth place in the trophy dedicated to the drivers and in first position as regards the grouping Cup.


Groupings that confirm the vivacity of the series.


Saleri, Guaita and Nicola Bonaccini make up the podium of the third group, while Sergio Mazzoleni and Roberto Bortoluzzi, both on Porsche 356 animate the grouping four.


Cesare Ruggeri and Angelo Pizzuto jointly command the fifth grouping. Nausicaa-Corti currently occupy the third place pursued by Giorgio Delpiano and Paolo Zegna.


In the group six are excellent performances by the young Girogio Bossi on the Lancia Fulvia Coupè of the Orobic Bergamo Corse Club who will have to watch his back from Michele Lafortezza, Gabriele Tonarelli and Alberto Tattini.


Fausto Governato controls undisturbed in the seventh grouping that currently represents a good opportunity for a prestigious placement, given the lack of competition.


The eighth group that sees the leader of the Himara Bottini Trophy take the lead, threatened by Francesco Galassi and Michele Spadoni.


Group nine with Lancia Delta and Mauro Beninanti who leads the standings with his 16V ahead of Marco Schinelli on HF Integrale.


Three-way fight in the Ladies Cup with the leader Himara Bottini preceding Daniela Guaita and Caterina Vagliani.


Among the stables is head to head between the Scuderia Nettuno of Bologna and the Club Orobico Bergamo Corse.


Very short classifications for the new-born series wanted by Acisport that leaves the Top Drivers (and Driver A) the chance to win the victory in the single race but assigns the score for the Trophy to all the other priority categories from Driver B to the NC.

The formula makes it possible to bring the discipline closer and to make those who are competing just recently grow and at the same time to improve the organizational level of the events with an equal validity with CIREAS.


Here is the 2019 calendar


10 February 2019 COLLINE DEI GONZAGA (already disputed)


28 April 2019 CIRCUIT DEL SAVIO (already disputed)




June 23, 2019 Bay of Water Lilies


July 28, 2019 Mendola Mendel History


25 August 2019 Morainic Hills


10 November 2019 Piacentine Valleys