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Vallate Aretine, also the Regularity Sport turns the engines on again



Specialist challenge for the absolute. For the Stables, duel between Scuderia Grifone and Progetto Mite.








The twenty or so crews who have already registered, or pre-registered as it was used at the time of the COVID, at the Vallate Aretine, which this year also includes the regularity sport race.

Scrolling through the list it is easy to meet the names of the major specialists in the specialty with prominent names who will play the final victory. The favorite of the eve is certainly Andrea Giacoppo sailed for the occasion by Nicola Randon. The Scuderia Bassano's bearer, winner of the last race before the lockdown, Lessinia Sport, will be back at the start with the trusty Lancia Fulvia HF. Among the favourites also the winning crew of the 2019 edition of the Valpantena Revival, composed by Marco Bentivogli and Andrea Marani on Fiat 124 Sport.

That of Giordano Mozzi, sailed as always by Stefania Biacca, is one of the names that can not miss in the tebellino of bookmakers, when it comes to regularity. The driver from Mantua, winner at 1000 Miglia and Valpantena, will not fail to have fun with the crossbars of his Opel Kadett GT/E group 2, even if fans will have to be content with the videos of the event, given the ban, currently in force, for the public to go to the special stage.

Confirming a race that promises to be a very hard-fought one, there are no end to the crews that set off with the aim of winning or in any case finishing on the podium in Arezzo:

Leonardo Fabbri and Sonia Cipriani in a Volvo 144S, as well as the overall classification will certainly aim to win group four. Grouping that will see two other big calibers of the regularistic panorama: Roberto Ricci, on Autobianchi A112 Abarth and Giacomo Turri on Fiat 128.

Also in the grouping eight, in addition to the already mentioned Mozzi, there are crews of all respect that point to the top of the absolute, as that composed by Marco Gandino and Danilo Scarcella on Fiat Ritmo 130. The Ligurian crew, animator of the rebirth of the legendary Scuderia del Grifone, will have to cross the gloves with the Brescian Angelo Seneci sailed by Elisa Moscato on Opel Kadett GT/E with the colours of the Scuderia Progetto MITE.

The team, it must be remembered, was born from an idea of Gilberto Pozza and gives the opportunity to visually impaired and blind people to participate, as navigators, in international and national rally races and regularity races, reading the road book in Braille.

The Toyota Celica - GT Four St185 in the official Castrol livery of Falcone-Balboni will certainly be one of the most admired cars at the start both on the roads of the Vallate Aretine and in the final rankings.

A special mention, finally, to two crews who have recently approached the Regularity Sport.

Alderighi-Androvandi specialists in the "classic" and the Swiss Christian Bonnet-Elena Solomatina normally at the start of regularity races on average. A must for the two crews of the Grifone, a change of car: Lancia Fulvia Coupè for the Tuscans, Lotus Elan for the Swiss.

On the team front, on paper the possible challenge was between the newborn Scuderia del Grifone, with as many as six cars at the start and the Progetto MITE team, which will involve the cars of Mozzi, Seneci and Turri.