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On 19 and 20 March Pralboino hosted the third edition of the Trofeo Foresti, classic regularity race calendar AciSport dedicated to the memory of the late lamented Elda and Guido Foresti.

Massive membership, which saw at the start 90 crews from all over Italy, and even the enthusiastic participation of citizens of the small town of Brescia during the two days of competition, confirming the great affection that surrounds the Foresti family.

All the most important stages of the event had as epicenter of the common low Brescia from which the race got underway to tackle the 200km route, which went through three provinces, featuring 61 time trials. Not a random number, but dictated by a precise choice of the organizer who wanted to emphasize that Guido Foresti, today, would own age.

After the pre-race checks on Saturday afternoon and delivery to each participant of the rich race package, in which stood out the personalized jacket Trophy Foresti, the first day ended with a gala dinner at Villa Calciati, where Eugenio Piccinelli wanted to remember Elda and Guido, surrounded by the affection of many friends intervened for the occasion that received the warm thanks of the elder Pietro Foresti.

at 9:00 Sunday morning, start from Pralboino center for a first part of the race that, after leaving the province of Brescia, saw the dispute of some evidence in the characteristic Canneto Piazza Mercato, in the province of Cremona .

Very technical and tricky tests within the company Foresti which have claimed many victims also among the top drivers at the start, with Vesco - Guerini of Fiat 508S who took the lead ahead of Cibaldi-Costa, authors until then a capital performance aboard their Gilco.

Only Bruno Ferrari Bugatti 37 kept pace with the leading pair.

Behind them the leading group with Spagnoli, Aiolfi, Salviato, Turelli and excellent Limoni Scaglia.

After a brief passage in the province of Mantova the caravan reached the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia for the lunch stop.

After the break and before the final sprint to the finish of Pralboino, the dispute of "Camozzi Trophy", dedicated to Cavalier Attilio Camozzi, great fan and supporter of the museum dedicated to the "Red Arrow".

The last part of the race has no surprises, with Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini who win the third edition of the Trofeo Foresti; a victory that has never been questioned since the first time trials that precede the end of 40 penalties the runners Spagnoli - Parisi on the Fiat 508 Sport. The third step of the podium climb Bruno and Carlo Ferrari.

A note of credit goes to the couple Cibaldi - Costa, virtually third after counting penalties, ending in sixth place in the final standings, after application of the coefficients relative to length of the car as required by regulation Trophy Foresti; to them, however the victory in the second grouping.

Maurizio Aiolfi, paired with Alessandra Pandozzi of Fiat Osca 1500 Franciacorta Motori won the third grouping in front of Cornelliani-Murru and Sernani-De Santis.

In the fourth group, another Brescia success with Roversi-Bellini couple of Asa Franciacorta Motori.

The driver of the Club Orobico Iacovelli-Bertoletti of Porsche 912 conquered the first place in the fifth group, in front of Cisternino Cisternino, Lancia Fulvia 3T Cremona. Third Magnoni-Vanoni.

In the sixth group in solitary victory Boglioli-Pezzia on Ferrari Dino.

The ladies cup goes to Cristina Meini, very good absolute eleventh, paired with Caterina Vagliani Fiat 508S, while among the stables,  Franciacorta Motori win the Team Trophy.


Be archived so very successful edition of the Trofeo Foresti, which thanks to director Eugenio Piccinelli and Marco Gatta is now one of the best italian race for difficulties, great hospitality and especially the feeling of being part, for two days, a big family.



PHOTO: Caterina Vagliani