With the CIREAS also restarts Club Aci Storico Power Stage Classi

The lakeside of Bardolino is still the protagonist of the special televised event. Here are all the classifications.  

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Just like last year, in 2023 it was the turn of the Bardolino lakefront to hold the christening of the Club Aci Storico Power Stage Classic, the special televised event that sees the best national regulars challenge each other on the edge of the hundredths under the passionate eye of the AcisportTV and TopdriverTV cameras.

Among the 94 crews that took on the final challenge, it was Bergamo's Antonio Belotti and Maria Marchesi who took the victory with only two total penalties.

The crew in a 1973 Autobianchi A112 preceded two veterans of the speciality: Armando Fontana, navigated by Tiziana Scozzesi in a 1966 Lancia Fulvia Coupè, and Gerardo Nardiello flanked by Manuela Grassi in a 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S.


Among the categories, victory in RC1 for Franco Spagnoli and Roberto Rossoni in the splendid 1928 Fiat 520 (23 penalties), in RC2 for Roberto and Mario Crugnola, at the start with the now customary 1937 Fiat 508C (7 penalties).

RC3 smiles for Armando Fontana and Tiziana Scozzesi (5 penalties) and RC4 won by the winner of the day Antonio Belotti.

The indestructible Andrea Malucelli and Monica Bernuzzi, in a 1989 Fiat Duna 70, took the top step of the RC5 category podium.

The Ladies' Cup saw Gabriella Scarioni, co-driven by Ornella Pietropaolo in a 1974 Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 (15 penalties) take first place ahead of Emanuela Cinelli in a 1969 Morris Mini Cooper MKII (19 penalties) and Rossella Torri, 1973 Autobianchi A112 (19 penalties).

The Teams classification sees Scuderia Nettuno Bologna at the top (19 penalties), ahead of the two Brescia-based teams tied with 22 penalties: Scuderia Brescia Corse (2nd) and Franciacorta Motori (3rd).

Fourth position for Scuderia Castellotti with 29 penalties, while in fifth place is the Registro Italiano Porsche 356 with 35 penalties.

Next come Scuderia Classic Team (37), Scuderia Emmebi 70 (56), A.c.. Verona Historic (61)Giovanni Bracco (74) A.m.a.m.s. "tazio Nuvolari" (396).Scuderia Rovigo Corse (40) and 0-30 Squadra Corse (44) close with only two classified crews.


Appointment with the next Club Aci Storico Power Stage Classic in Rovereto, Corso Bettini on Saturday 18 February, with the starting line set in front of the MART Museum.