Daniele Richiardone conquista la prima regolarità sport 2023.

No problems for competitors and no penalties for exceeding the limits

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Contrary to the perplexity on the eve of the event and the controversy that periodically accompanies every new regulation introduced, which was not lacking this time as well and which physiologically divides the fans into pros and cons, everything went smoothly.


The winners were first and foremost the five registered crews (two less than last year) and the organisers who put the race together, despite the recent publication of the 2023 regulations.


Seventeen tests were scheduled, five PCTs, including the show trial with a crowd bath in the centre of Varese with the regulars who opened hostilities by starting ahead of everyone and two PMs, the legendary Cuvignone where any average speed above 35 km/h makes driving very challenging with a succession of counter-curves.


In the end it was Daniele Richiardone and Daniele Marcon in a 1981 Porsche 911 who won the Varese race, which is in fact the first regularity sport event in history with the new regulations.


The sum of the penalties collected in PCT and PM rewarded the duo on board the Porsche.


In the PM classification, the crew of David De Faveri and Marco Blotto in a Peugeot 205 was rewarded.


No penalties for exceeding the maximum speed of 70 km/h both because some crews were equipped with a digital system with an acoustic warning when approaching the set speed and also because in the few 'fast stretches' they only had to lift their foot slightly off the accelerator.