Coppa Città della Pace celebrates 30 years with a discount for under-30 crews

Registration now open for second stage of Cireas 2023, discount for Cireas Junior

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In order to promote the participation of young people in regularity races, Adige Sport, the organiser of the Coppa Città della Pace has decided to offer a discount on the basic fee set by Aci Sport of €100 for crews under 30 (who have not turned 30 by 31.12.2022).

To take advantage of the discount, simply indicate your date of birth by sending an e-mail to

Also in 2023 the first major motorsport event organised in Trentino will be the "Coppa Città della Pace". This is the only competition valid for an Italian Championship, together with the "Trento Bondone", which takes place in the province and will therefore have the spotlight of all the fans of the discipline on it. The competition organised by the Rovereto-based team Adige Sport on this occasion also reaches the milestone of its 30th edition. This is an important number, to be celebrated not only by the organisers, led by Luca Manera, but also by the entire Vallagarina, whose territory, together with the whole of south-western Trentino, has been very effectively promoted by the event over the years, not by chance enjoying the support of the municipalities crossed, Trentino Marketing and the Rovereto and Vallagarina Tourist Board.
The "Coppa Città della Pace" will also be the second Cireas event in 2023: it will take place on Saturday 18 February, two weeks after the "Coppa Giulietta e Romeo" (in the province of Verona) and two weeks before the "Millecurve" (in the province of Avellino). The season consists of eleven races, the last of which is the "Coppa Costa Gaia" (in the province of Trapani), which will award the Italian title, won in 2022 by Guido Barcella and Ombretta Ghidotti of the Amams Tazio Nuvolari team, who opened the series of successes in Rovereto, imposing themselves in a 1938 Fiat 508C, ahead of Andrea Vesco and Fabio Salvinelli (Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport 1936) and Luca Patron and Steve Clark (MG L Magna 1933). In the overall Cireas classification Barcella and Ghidotti (276.5 points) were over fifty points ahead of Nicola Barcella and over 120 ahead of Angelo Accardo, both competing with different navigators during the season.
The programme of the Trentino event opens with the technical and sporting scrutineering, which will take place on Friday 17 at the Urban City of Rovereto from 3pm to 8pm. On Saturday the first competitor will leave the Hotel Nerocubo at 8.30am, to arrive at 9am in Piazza San Giovanni in Ala, where the official start will be given. The lunch break will be hosted by Ristorante Alfio in Dro. Before then, the vehicles will have passed through Chizzola, Crosano, Besagno, Val di Ledro and Bezzecca. After the stop they will again pass through Val di Ledro, Bezzecca, Mori, Besagno, Crosano, Chizzola, Villa Lagarina, Nomi, Volano and Rovereto, to close the race again in Ala in Piazza San Giovanni. The first competitor is expected at 5pm.
In addition to being able to follow the cars along the route, which measures 220 kilometres and will be studded with pressure controls (60) and time controls (five), fans will be able to observe drivers and cars in Rovereto, in Corso Bettini in front of the Mart, from 16.30 to 17.00. This is the chosen area for the 'Power Stage Classic', a challenge between the pressure stages faced by the cars in rapid sequence. The prize-giving ceremony and buffet will also take place in Ala at Palazzo Scherer from 7 p.m. onwards. Also this year the drivers of the best pre-war car will receive the work created by artist Luisa Bifulco.