More than 200 entries for the 19th Valpantena Revival Rally Club

Anticipation is growing for this weekend's event, which will take place behind closed doors like all races in Italy.

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Expectations are rising for the 19th Valpantena Revival Rally Club, the number 1 regularity sport event in Italy organised by the Veronese club of the same name founded in 1983, which on 12 and 13 November will reignite the engines of passion even if, as for all the 2021 Italian events, behind closed doors to comply with the Covid-19 ACI Sport Protocol. The event has exceeded 200 registrations thanks also to the support of Banca Valsabbina, AGSM AIM, Bertani, Bellamoli Granulati Marmo, Bendinelli, Frac, Just, Ferrari BK, Villa Ca' Vendri, Rext and Digital Valpolicella.

Registration closed on Saturday 30 October and the result bodes well as the event has once again exceeded 200 entries. "It's a great result for us - commented the Organising Committee - since after the difficult 2020 season we are back to see the numbers we are used to, which have represented the Valpantena Revival Rally Club since the first edition. We will have at the start beautiful cars, the balance has shifted more towards the eighties for a natural evolution of the market of historic rally cars, but no less spectacular".

Among the prominent names at the start is certainly Alessandro Bettega, who will honor the memory of his father Attilio, a great friend of the Rally Club Valpantena, bringing to the race the Fiat Ritmo 75 Group 2 in Alitalia livery kindly made available by "Cafissi" from Pistoia. Bettega will lead a platoon of Ritmo, to which is dedicated the special trophy 2021, which will see on the roads of Valpantena every livery: from Olio Fiat to Quattro Rombi.

Not even on this occasion "Lucky" Battistolli, another great supporter of the Valpantena Revival Rally Club, will participate with the Lancia Delta navigated by Luigi Cazzaro. Lancia Stratos not to be missed the one in the hands of Tony, again at the Valpantena, and a second one for Dino Tolfo. Surprise also the surname Biasion that will be back in the entry list of the Valpantena with Jacopo, son of the two times world rally champion Miki. And then valuable cars such as the beautiful Triumph TR7 ex Tony Pond that the British driver drove in the 1979 season (photo), a very rare piece in Italy. The list, as usual, will continue with Lancia, Abarth, Opel, Fiat, BMW, Ford, Peugeot in a long line of brands and models that have made rally history, ready to revive the golden age of the speciality. There will also be foreign participants with crews from the Czech Republic, England, Austria and Germany.

Although the 2021 edition will still be limited by the Covid regulations, competitors will still be guests in the wonderful setting of Villa Ca' Vendri, in Loc. Vendri in Verona, a unique architectural gem where the mid-day lunch will be served by the Scapin 1935 catering.

The event will essentially take place on Saturday 13 November after the accreditation procedures (formerly scrutineering) scheduled for Friday 12. The timed trials where the precision classification will be developed, being a regularity race, will be 8, 4 to be repeated twice: "Praole", "Alcenago", "San Francesco" and "Roverè". Departure and arrival will be in Piazza Ballini in Grezzana respectively at 8:31 and 17:01. 

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