The Millecurve 2023 opens for entries

Third round of the CIREAS scheduled on 1 and 2 April at the Avellino classic and first race valid for the Southern Group and the Italian Cup

The Fiat 1100 di Alderighi - Androvandi at La Millecurve 2022 - ┬ęPhoto Roberto Deias

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The Millecurve comes of age. What the protagonists of the Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship are about to experience is the 18th edition of the Campania race, traditionally among the most popular in the circus.

Already at work are the organisers who, at the quarier general of the Club Autostoriche Avellino with its president Franco Vigilante at the head, are setting up a traditionally high-level competition.

"For some time now,' they explain, 'we have been working on its realisation, in order to be ready to welcome those who will want to return to test themselves on our tracks in the mountains, valleys and hills, and those who will come for the first time to discover the beauty of the landscape and the accuracy with which the competition is set up, which has now become a classic in the Italian regularity scene, after seventeen editions, fifteen of which are valid for the Italian Championship.
200 kilometres to be covered through the fabulous landscapes offered by the Campania Apennines with its mountains, its dense forests and its wide esplanades, with the unfailing conclusion on the uphill hairpin bends that will lead to the summit of Montevergine, theatre in the 1970s of the epic hill-climb race valid for the national mountain trophy.
Sixty-five timed tests will give rhythm to a race that is always varied and non-trivial, with technical but safe passages, cadenced by five time controls designed to give the right amount of time for a break before setting off again for the next sector, invigorated and determined.