Valerio Rimondi, return to the CIREAS with victory. The Bay of Nymphs 2023 is his.

Turning point for the Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship 2023.Fontana and Bilanceri out due to two punctures.

Rimomdi - Fava engaged in Power Stage Classic amidst two wings of the crowd

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Turning point for the Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship 2023.
The 18th edition of the 'Baia delle Ninfe' , the seventh race of the tricolour series, had, as per tradition, Alghero as its headquarters and the beautiful scenery of the Sassari coast as its stage.
Once again this year, the competition, organised by ASD Riviera Sport and ACI Sassari, took place over two days. The first, after the ritual checks for crews and cars, saw the
Start of the first stage from the wineries of Santa Maria La Palma, a company that represents one of the jewels in the crown of Sardinian food and wine.
From here, the CIREAS crews tackled the 31 time trials that characterised the first stage, culminating in the Aci Storico Power Stage Classic staged for the first time at the bastions of Alghero amidst two wings of the crowd that flocked to see the splendid cars in competition.
The second day engaged the crews in the time trials distributed between Capo Caccia and Stintino where, between one pressostat and another, they were able to appreciate the extraordinary landscapes of Pelosa, a tongue of sand famous throughout the world for the blue colours of its crystal-clear waters.

At the end of hostilities, Valerio Rimondi and Liana Fava from Bologna in a 1974 Porsche 911 were the winners of the 18th edition of the Baia delle Ninfe.
The Emilian couple from Scuderia Nettuno Bologna in their 2023 season debut preceded team-mates Giovanni Gualtieri and Mario Perri in the more recent Autobianchi A112 and the president of the Bologna-based team Massimo Cecchi and Emma Graziani in a 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint.

Thanks to the performance of its three top crews, Nettuno Bologna won the team classification, with no less than nine crews taking part. A message of great sportsmanship considering that the Emilian team is based in the heart of the areas heavily damaged by the floods of recent weeks.

The Ladies' Cup classification smiles on Rossella Torri and Caterina Vagliani in the 1973 A112 of Franciacorta Motori. In second place, 29 hundredths behind, were Gabriella Scarioni and Valeria Gallotta in a 1974 Mini Cooper - Scuderia Nettuno Bologna.

Ambrogio Ripamonti, navigated by Nicoletta Moroni in a 1950 Jaguar XK 120 OTS Emmebi 70, won the RC2 category solo.
In RC3 Gerardo Nardiello and Manuela Grassi on a 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S got the better of his team-mates Massimo. CEcchi and Emma Graziani in a 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. Behind the president of Scuderia Nettuno Bologna came the Porsche 356 Coupe' of Massimo Bisi and Claudio Cattivelli.
In RC4 Behind the winners Rimondi - Fava in a 1974 Porsche 911 it is Torri-Vagliani who take the second step of the podium in their category.
In third place were Gabriella Scarioni and Valeria Gallotta in a 1974 Mini Cooper.
Category RC 5 smiles on Giovanni Gualiteri and Nario Perri. The pair, on board a 1982 Autobianchi A112, preceded the two Rovigo Corse crews: Diego Verza and

Sandro Buranello in a 1983 Autobianchi A112 and Alessandro Timacchi navigated by Boris Santin on board a 1983 Fiat 127.
The mayor of Alghero Mario Conoci and Michele Pais, President of the Regional Council of Sardinia, did not want to miss the award ceremony.